Condense complicated arguments in a 500 words essay – 2022 Guide

I bet your professor has told you many times that you shouldn’t wander.

And while I do agree that not all those who wander are lost, you will get lost if you try wandering in a 500 word essay.

500 words may seem too much to you, but they really aren’t. When I sit down to write me an essay, I want to have at least 1000 words on hand. This is so that I can discuss my arguments properly.

This doesn’t mean that I haven’t written a 500 word essay. Actually, I have written plenty. It is the standard after all.

So, what can I tell you about condensing your arguments in an essay that is only 500 words long?

A lot, actually.

Experience is a great teacher and I want you to learn from it too. So, here is what your moves need to be in a 500 word essay.

Move #1: Keep the Intro Short

Like super short.

It should not even be 100 words long but 100 words is MAX. An essay writer serviceknows when to pull the breaks. So, you better pull ’em before you write 100 words.

Why, though? Because if you waste up all your word count in the introduction then you will have no room left for the actual arguments. And believe me, you will need space for that.

Move #2: Standard 5 Para Format

This truly is the best way to move forward. An intro, three body paragraphs and a conclusion.

This is the standard and it works every time.

Having less than three body paragraphs is probably not a good idea because it gives the impression that you do not have much to talk about on your topic.

Unless your professor agrees on two body paragraphs, you should have a total of five paragraphs for your essay.

Move #3: Have Three Arguments

The reason that I am yapping for 5 paragraphs is that you need to have at least 3 arguments in your essay to make it worthwhile.

So, if you have three arguments then you need three separate paragraphs to discuss them. You simply cannot discuss all that you want in a single paragraph.

So, if you are talking about gun control then your three arguments can be reasons why we need to have gun control laws. Ok?

Move #4: Divide Content

By this I mean that you need to think about what you will write in each paragraph.

The introduction will introduce the topic and you can give any necessary information there. Its last sentence will be your thesis.

The second, third, and fourth paragraphs will have your main arguments so, you need to think about what you will write in them.

As for the conclusion, it will be a simple summary so that shouldn’t be too hard.

Move #5: Divide the Word Count

The best way to ensure that you discuss all aspects of your argument is to divide the word count.

In a 500 word essay of 5 paragraphs, it is easy to give each paragraph 100 words. Even then, you should try to make the introduction and the conclusion shorter.

This is a great trick. Also, it is the one used by one or other essay writing service. This is done so that everything is covered equally.

Move #6: Stick to the Point

Not all those who wander are lost. But, try not to wander anyway.

Be precise in what you have to say. Remember, you do not have much word count. If you go on explaining things that are not strictly necessary then you are gonna be in much trouble.

So, here what you can do is that you can try to sum up an idea in a sentence and then prove evidence.

Move #7: Try Not to Use Quotes


Well, quotes eat up your word count. When you add a quote in a paragraph then you will notice how you don’t have much space to discuss the issue at hand.

So, paraphrase. 

But if you do have to use quotes then try to use short quotes. If not then use a quote that is pretty much self-explanatory so that you don’t have to waste your precious words explaining the quote.

Move #8: Use Plenty of References

You will do this when you do not use quotes. See, the thing about not using quotes is that your professor might think your essay is not good enough.

To counter that, we use references.

Once you add 3 or 4 references in your essay and cite them properly, then no one will be able to question your work.

So, make sure you use plenty of in-text citations, ok?

Move #9: Be Precise

I get that you have so much information and you just need to impart it to your audience.

And you should do it. But do it cleverly. Whatever it is that you need to say, say it in as few words as possible. In short, be precise.

It is actually quite easy to explain something in a lot of words. But it gets very difficult to do so with few words so good luck on that.

So, now you know it.

I have done my best to help you along the way to success. I do hope that now you will be able to write a good essay in 500 words. You can also take help from professionals just by saying “write my essay” to the right service.

If not, then an essay writing service can help you along the way so that you never have to struggle with all this, ever again.

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